Saturday, September 25, 2010

Why Mr. Right Can't Find You

At Barnes and Noble today, I saw a hilarious book entitled Why Mr. Right Can't Find You. This book was written by a guy who has a Ph. D., J.M. Kearns.  According to Dr. Kearns, those of us who are intelligent and driven single professional chicks have nothing to worry about- Mr. Right is searching frantically for us and we just need to allow him to find us... by engaging in online dating, going to bars, and a bunch of other stuff. In other words, I should start going around holding one of those signs that cab drivers hold at airports with the name of the passengers they're waiting for, that says "Mr. Right". Also, why on earth are all the magazines in the "Women's Interest" section about weddings, babies, and cooking (in that order)? If I ruled the world, we would have magazines about business, our careers, higher education, literature, current events, politics, and travel in the "Women's Interest" section. And some car/vehicle magazines wouldn't hurt either.

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